PLEADINGS in Alaska Legislative Council v. Governor Bill Walker, No. 3AN-15-09208CI (Alaska, Third Judicial District, filed August 24, 2015)

Complaint, 8/24/15

Preliminary Injunction/TRO Motion/Memo

Preliminary Injunction/TRO Exhibits

Letter from Secretary Burwell to Governor Walker 3/6/15

Letter from Director of CMS to Deputy Secretary for Medicaid 5/2/15

Letter from Secretary of HHS to Governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam 1/23/15

"Medicaid Expansion" from Office of Population Affairs 8/19/15

"Governor Walker Introduces Medicaid Bill" Press Release 8/20/15

"Next Steps on Medicaid Expansion Announced" Press Release 8/17/15

"Alaska is Expanding Medicaid to Cover More People" AK Dept of Heath and Social Services 8/18/15

Email From Attorney General Richards to Senator Coghill 7/31/15

Affidavit of AK State Representative Charles Michael Chenault

Affidavit of AK State Senator Pete Kelly 8/24/15

Affidavit of William J Streur

Affidavit of Linda Giani 8/23/15

Affidavit of Bertha M Jarvi 8/21/15

Affidavit of Amy Elizabeth Oney 8/24/15

Affidavit of AK Representative Craig W. Johnson 8/24/15

Affidavit of Laura Clark-Maketa 8/21/15

Affidavit of AK State Senator Anna I. MacKinnon 8/21/15

Affidavit of AK Representative Charisse E. Millett 8/24/15

Proposed TRO

Preliminary Injunction Opposition Paperwork

Opposition, 8/27/15

Opposition Exhibits

Part 1

Part 2

Amended filings part 1

Amended filings part 2

Amended filings part 3

Affidavit of Valerie Davidson

Judge Pfiffner's oral ruling, 8/28/15

First amended complaint, 10/2/2015

Answer, 10/12/2015

Memorandum in Support of Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgment, 10/13/2015

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Exhibit 4

Exhibit 5

Exhibit 6

Exhibit 7

Exhibit 8

Exhibit 9

Exhibit 10

Exhibit 11

Exhibit 12

Exhibit 13

Exhibit 14

Exhibit 15

Exhibit 16

Exhibit 17

Exhibit 18

Memorandum in Support of State's Opposition/Cross-Motion, 11/30/15

Exhibits A-D

Exhibits E-M

Amicus Memorandum, J.K. and U.R., 11/30/15, accepted for filing 12/2

Plaintiff's Reply/Opposition, 12/18/15

Defendants' Reply, with exhibits, 1/4/16

Summary Judgment Decision and Order, 3/1/16

Final Judgment, 4/5/16

Motion for Substitution of a Party, 5/6/16

Opposition to Motion for Substitution of a Party, 5/13/16

Reply to Opposition to Substitution, 5/31/16

Motion to File Sur-Reply, Sur-Reply, 6/2/16

Withdrawal of Exhibit, Claim of Mootness re Sur-Reply, 6/15/16

Reply in support of Motion to File Sur-Reply, 6/17/16

Order accepting sur-reply, 6/21/16

Order denying substitution motion, 6/24/16

PLEADINGS from the Petition for Emergency Review, S-16059 (Alaska Supreme Court, filed August 28, 2015)

Petition for Emergency Review, 8/28/15

Motion for Emergency Relief, 8/28/15

Opposition to Motion, 8/31/2015

Order expediting and denying petition, 8/31/2015

PLEADINGS from the Purported Appeal, S-16309 (Alaska Supreme Court, filed May 5, 2015)

Notice of Appeal, etc., 5/5/16

Motion to Dismiss Appeal, 7/7/16


CMS FAQs, 12/10/12

ANTHC report, 2/1/13

Mischel Legislative Affairs Agency opinion, 11/26/14

AG opinion re 2015 budget language, 5/13/15

Kraly AG letter to Rep. Hawker, 7/15/15

Wallace Legislative Counsel opinion, 7/17/15

Walker letter to Burwell, 7/21/15, with 2/18/15 attachment

Kraly AG letter to Coghill, 7/31/15

Bancroft Contract, late August, 2015

Burwell letter to Walker, 8/31/15

CMS state plan approval, 9/24/15, approval date effective 9/1

Memo by Legislative Counsel Doug Gardner, 3/3/16